Alessandro Mannara
Freelance EN | ES | AR > IT Translator and Interpreter


"Languages are the most fascinating and direct way to communicate in the interconnected world we live in. Knowing, studying and mastering them is a task that requires commitment, sacrifice and passion: these are the three principles on which I have based my approach to work."

My name is Alessandro, I am a freelance Italian native translator and intepreter. My working languages include English, Spanish and Arabic, and I am fully available for any linguistic requirement you may have.

Over 5 years of professional experience during which I established profitable collaborations with both agencies and direct partners

More than 3,000,000 words translated and revised in my fields of expertise

Master's Degree in translation and interpreting completed with honors at UNINT University in Rome

Use of state-of-the-art technologies as well as the most popular CATs, including Trados, MemoQ, Wordbee and Memsource



Whatever your goal is, I will translate your text in order for you to reach your pool of readers. You can expect precision, quality and efficiency: each word will be carefully chosen, every nuance grasped, then your message will be rendered in flawless Italian adapted to your target.

I can translate various types of contents for you. Please get in touch to discuss about the text you want me to translate, because only by building a close collaboration and understanding each other's needs, we can attain the desired results.


By localization we mean the actual adaptation of the product or service to the peculiarities of a particular market. It includes the localization of softwares, video games or websites, the adaptation to the different laws in force, cultures and so on. The goal is to adapt a service not only to the language of the recipient country, but also to its culture.

Thanks to the diverse and significant experiences in localizing products and services, I am able to guarantee a natural linguistic flair and unparalleled knowledge of the medium in order to deliver tailor-made translations for your business and reach a wider audience.


Four eyes see more than two. Especially when time is running out, little but important details may get lost. The reviewing/proofreading service I offer involves the overall and thorough check of your translated documents by simultaneously reading the original texts.

My job is to revise and culturally adapt the following aspects: content, spelling, terminology, numbers, syntax, punctuation, style and readability in general.

Do not run the risk of publishing an unchecked translation!

QC and Link Check

This is a key step in the translation or localization process. As a matter of fact, after a software, online survey, or video game has been translated and reviewed, it is compulsory to run a test in order to see if the contents are displayed correctly in their context. Bugs and errors are always around the corner and, more often than not, they severely affect the final quality due to overlappings, truncations, missing translations, and so on. That is why a knowledgeable specialist with language skills needs to simulate the end customer experience to make sure that all potential issues are solved before a text is published on the Web or a product launched on the market.

Liaison/B2B Interpreting

Big trade fairs and events always crawl with representatives of international companies; for this reason it is increasingly important for exhibiting companies to be accompanied by a professional interpreter who is able to act as a mediator between the Italian company and the foreign counterpart.

In order to describe in detail your business and your products or present special conditions thus laying the foundations for international collaboration with your partners, it is of utmost importante to articulate your own ideas in the foreign language to avoid potential misunderstandings that could jeopardize the whole commercial agreement. You need to have a professional interpreter next to you, who is able to convey the information as precisely as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need an interpreting service in the English<>Italian combination.

Subtitling and Adaptation

I offer a subtitling and adaptation service for those who want to translate their videos, TV series, cartoons, video clips, docu-fictions or any kind of video files intended to be spread internationally. I use a language that entertains, engages and, where appropriate, delights the modern audience made up of more and more heterogeneous and demanding viewers seeking new kinds of entertainment, ideas and emotions based on interactive, online or offline communication.



Surveys, Discussion guides, In-depth Interviews, Telephone-depth interviews, Consumers feedback verbatim translation, etc.


Brochures, Business presentations, Blog articles, Newsletters, Ads, Catalogues, Press releases, Cosmetics, Retail, etc.


Medical records, Package leaflets, Clinical trials, Product specs, Medical devices, Informed consent forms, Product profiles, etc.


Strings, Manuals, Websites, Videos, Trailers, Descriptive texts, Dialogues, Accessories, In-game contents, Toys, etc.


Menus, Recipes, Appliances, Brochures, Catalogues, Product specs, Packaging, Corporate communications, labels, ads, wine&oil production, brewing, etc.


Description of hotel structures, Hospitality, Catering, Guides, Maps and tourism itineraries, Videos, Presentations, Watchmaking, Jewelery etc.


I also worked in the technical field, translating manuals of different nature, safety data sheets and technical specifications.


Continuous professional development

October 2017

Il linguaggio della medicina: conoscenze e strumenti ad uso dei traduttori di testi di medicina

Esami strumentali e diagnostica per immagini

MedicalWriting: scrivere di medicina per traduttori

How to Translate a Summary of Product Characteristics

Patient Surveys: Diversity in Medical Translation

September 2017

Gli studi clinici e il materiale correlato

Tradurre i videogiochi

Making a Super-Effective Cover Letter for a Translator

Communication and Networking in LinkedIn - Turn Your Profile into a Cash Machine

Working with Direct Clients: Adding Value to Translation Services


January 2017

Seminario AITI: Il traduttore trasformista: la sfida dei linguaggi settoriali nella traduzione di letteratura

Introduction to Game Localization

Corso di formazione in Personal Branding & Digital Marketing


I regularly collaborate with agencies and clients around the globe who require my services as a guarantee of high quality and added value.

Mariana Mellor
Senior Project Manager at Fasttranslators

"It has been a great experience to work with Alessandro. In the many projects he has handled, I have never had any problems or any complaints. I know that I can trust his impeccable work and I will continue to work with him in the future. He’s reliable, professional and responsible."
Bryony Howard
Managing Director at IN-SITU Executive Linguistic and Coaching Services
"Alessandro has been freelancing for us for over a year. During this time he has become an indispensable member of our team. Alessandro completes his translations usually ahead of schedule and our clients are always happy with the quality level of Alessandro's translations. […] He always manages the workload, even at very short notice […] by working weekends and evenings too which we very much appreciate. In-Situ intends to continue collaboration with Alessandro for as long as possible!"
Florencia Troilo
Director at MF Traducciones

"We are more than pleased with Alessandro's job. Delivering on time, taking care of the details and matching his Italian translations with the format of the source files, adds a lot of value for us in each job he does. Also, I’d like to remark that we’ve never had a back and forth with his Italian translations, neither had any typo from his side. Always reliable! Good job Alessandro!"

+39 320 80 74 272

Contact me

For any question, request or need, please do not hesitate to contact me at the above mentioned contact details or via the following form. I usually reply to emails in 10-15 minutes, even on weekends. I will be happy to find a solution to your needs hopefully becoming your trusted linguistic partner.